About Edus&Co.

It was no surprise to his family when a young Eugene Pedus showed an interest in jewelry design, for it was in his blood. Grandson to a noted jeweler, Eugene spent much of his childhood learning the techniques and skills from his grandfather that would eventually blossom into the young boy’s career.

In 2003, Eugene began designing jewelry and watches for one of the most prestigious names in the industry, working under masters of the craft and serving a number of high profile clients. Here Eugene perfected the talent and thrived creatively in his position. Looking to fulfill his own artistic visions, however, he ventured out on his own in 2011 and founded Edus&Co. in New York City.

For the past four years, Edus&Co. has been making a name for itself by creating custom-made luxury jewelry for private clients. Eugene and his team pull inspiration from just about everywhere. From the breathtaking architecture, lavishness of yachts and cars to the simplicity of nature, virtually anything can act as a muse for their next piece. The result is stunning, one-of-a-kind jewelry that is unlike any others seen before.

Today, Edus&Co. is expanding into the online world e-commerce. That means gorgeous, handmade jewelry will become affordable for virtually everyone. The team takes pride in the fact that their pieces are all hand made and manufactured in the USA, providing a serial number with each item to ensure its quality and uniqueness. This commitment will carry the Edus&Co. name across the globe where they will continue to establish themselves as one of the leaders in fine jewelry. And while the company is eager to serve a larger, international clientele, they vow to keep the heart of Edus&Co. in tact, making each piece as special and exquisite as the person who’s going to wear it.